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Myths and Legends (Māori and Polynesian)

We have just released our first set of Myths and Legends. We would like to thank those who had helped with suggestions and there are still more of them coming in. We have:

Tinirau and Tutunui

Kupe and the Wheke

Te Ika A Maui

Sina and the Eel

Taema and Talifaiga

Tulevai and the Sea

The Turtle and the Shark

The Mouse and the Octopus and

The Octopus and the Shark.

These products are based on the large waka and outriggers which would be perfect for ECE and Primary school settings. Great for mat times and show and tell sessions. The sea life animals and mammals we have used are in good ratio with our peg dolls. They are slightly bigger and they do steal the show as they also are beautiful and have a lot of detail on them.

We have selected to use Schleich, CollectA and Safari brands as we know that they represent the finer details that we need for our mah.

As a Kindergarten teacher myself, I can not wait to use these with our tamariki and finally I don’t have to rely on a book to tell the story. These would also be great for making stop motion videos and comics.

We do sell these myths and legends by themselves or in a package deal. Please note (Package Deals) that we will not double up on any products so we can keep the costs down. Eg Most stories use a waka or an outrigger, so we would at least have one in a package.

More to come and we look forward to hearing your suggestions too.

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