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Introducing them to tamariki

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Depending on what age group you work with, introducing any new resource should take some planning, these are no exception. If you introduce resources that tamariki have seen before like Lego, they already know how to use it and don't really need support. I'm a kindergarten kaiako and we have 3-5 year olds.

I used the our Māori and Polynesian dolls as props in telling stories. As normal, tamariki were fascinated with them as they have never seen these before and automatically reached for them. Honestly, I wanted to give these to them but knowing that we have been working on manners and patience for the last few months (through staff meetings), we decided to let tamariki use it in the following week. But, everyday I did use the dolls to tell stories and scenarios for everyday life. I was basically giving tamariki examples of how 'they' could use them when they get the chance.

The following week came really quickly and tamariki were so excited to use them and some even had plans to draw their family and make some pictures for their whānau. That anticipation worked as tamariki used them gently and shared the dolls with no hesitation. As with any resources, there just isn't enough lol but tamariki really loved them. The comments you'll hear in the next blog. NOw, it was tidy up time!!!!


We are looking to refine our stands for the peg dolls. Once they have be made, painted and varnished, we will let you know.

These would be great for tamariki to see if any are missing so they know which one to look for, order from tallest to shortest….

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