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The 2 Giants, (Rotuma) Myths and Legends

Here is a great Legend I found for Rotuma. We have some ideas on how to use our resources for it. Maybe next year we will have them ready. Have good read of this Legend.

Long long ago in Rotuma, there were two giants.

One of the giants lived in Noa’tau while the other one lived in Oinafa.

They were famous and everyone on the island knew that they were very strong.

Fighting, wrestling and tests of strenghts were what they were famous for.

The giant in Noa’tau did not like the giant who lived in Oinafa because he was also famous.

So he said, “I will go to Oinafa and fight with the other giant and see who is the strongest”.

He sent a message to the giant in Oinafa that next week, they will fight.

The giant from Oinafa said to his wife to shave all the hair off his body. He also asked for a cloth to put on him so he can look like a baby.

The day of the challenge, the giant from Oinafa was dressed like a baby and laid down on a mat and he started to suck his thumb.

Finally the giant from Noa’tau had arrived and everyone was excited.

He came and sat down outside and said to the other giant’s wife, “Greetings! Where is your husband? I hear that he is very very strong! I have come to fight him to see who is the strongest”.

She replied, “Oh sorry, he is gone into the plantation, but you can wait for him here. He won’t be that long.”

So the giant from Noa’tau chatted with the wife and noticed the baby on the mat.

He asked the wife, “Is that your baby?” and he looked and could see that the baby was very big. He said to himself, “If that’s the baby and he is already big, his father must be bigger and stronger!”

The giant from Noa’tau got up in a hurry and ran as fast as he could without looking back.

The moral of the story is:

Wisdom and knowledge fas surpasses physical strength. You can not always rely on physical strength.

In today’s world, using our brains and harnessing our minds is very important.

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