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Language week badges

Introducing Language Week badges....

We have 32mm and 58mm pin on badges with language weeks on them.

They have been designed with our peg dolls and you are able to have your ECE/Kindergarten, school or work place name on it to show your participation.

Reward your participants with a badge for their hard work in learning some new words, phrases or even knowing some of the culture...

Pay from $20 for 30 x 32mm badges or $50 for 30 58mm badges.

We have 2 options with the second option having "I support(ed)" the only difference in design.

Your 30 badges must all be of one language week.

So come on and sort out which language weeks you need and what wording you want in your badges (same custom wording for all badges).

A sample of the design will be emailed out to you before we make the badges.

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