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Taste of Pasifika Queens Birthday 2022

Wow, what an amazing weekend it was. This was only our second public event and first stall, What a response!! We had no stock to sell as it was only exposure, it was so worth the time and effort we put into in with the amount of people who got to see our products.

We were truly blown away with the feedback and the amount of people asking to take photos and videos of our products. People were in tears of joy and disbelief that such beautiful products that represent their cultures actually existed. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement to keep making these high quality resources. Thank you also to those who entered our current competition and those who popped in to say hi. Thank you also to the stall holders and friends we made over the weekend.

The organising team were amazing too.

To our own team, thank you.

Ia Manuia.

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