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Getting through orders

Since November 2022, we have been flat out. Every spare weekend, morning and after work, Afa has been busy getting through the orders, prizes and other commitments we had made. Though we didn't calculate it well, we have just completed most orders from December and have a few left.

As we are a one man designer/painter/builder and stall manager, we have had a lot to contend with over the Christmas and holiday period with sickness, COVID, the recent Auckland weather events which had pushed our progress to a halt for a few weeks at a time.

We are not in a position to hire anyone as the real prices will be reflected in the rise in costs and everything else. As you all know it is part time for us and that's the only way for us to keep the prices down. Unfortunately the waiting game is what we have to face for now.

Now, we are in a better space to clear the back log over the next month.

We just want to thank those who have emailed us about their orders and we are committed to completing them in a timely manner. We have offered some discounts and some have taken them up while other are just waiting patiently.

Thank you again for your support.

Ia Manuia

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