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Finally we have a Matariki Product we can share with you all.

After nearly a year, we have come up with a Matariki concept we are thrilled with and we want to share it with you all.

We have had many comments on the dolls when they have been on display and asked if their price and availability.

The difficulty of having the names of the stars on the dolls had us going back to the drawing board many times. This was hard to keep consistent as the dolls were small and we needed the wording to look good and easy to read.

Having the names engraved was the only option we could keep the consistency all the way through. We will have to have sets of 9 engraved and to get the prices to come down we would have to have atleast 10 sets done at a time.

Each peg doll of our Matariki will be uniquely painted and no doll will be exactly the same. There will be themes going through the dolls which represent who they are.

So for now, we are trying to get our first batch of Matariki engraved dolls developed and hopefully we have some spare to showcase.

We are still looking to upgrade them and also have an affordable set of dolls too. But for now, we want to present our vision of the Matariki peg dolls we had in mind.

We want to thank you all for encouraging us and for your patience.

We hope you all enjoy the creations and we look forward to developing them more in the future of course with your support

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