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Māori Myths and Legends

We have compiled some of the popular Māori Myths and Legends. As many of them have different versions depending on where in Aotearoa you are from, we have left the Storylines up to you to use what you have found. Until we come to an understanding of what we can use, we will only provide resources for you to use at the moment.
We have resources for:
- Te Ika A Maui (small and large versions)
- Tinirau and Tutunui
- Kupe and the Octopus.

Please note that "PACKAGE TAHI" includes the stories of 

- Te Ika A Maui (large versions), - Tinirau and Tutunui & - Kupe and the Octopus.
Thank you to those who have given us some more ideas of what you would like us to produce.

Please send your ideas to us through email.

Māori Myths and Legends

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