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We are excited to introduce our exclusive 12 Language Weeks Special, designed to enrich cultural education and celebration in your community. This special offer includes two sets of culturally diverse families, each tailored to enhance learning and appreciation of different cultures.

Package Details:

* First Set A of 6 Cultures (families of 10):

* Rotuma

* Samoa

* Papua New Guinea

* Solomon Islands

* Kiribati

* Cook Islands

* Price: $650.00 + postage

* Delivery: March/April upon payment

* Second Set B of 6 Cultures:

* Tonga

* Fiji

* Tuvalu

* Tokelau

* Niue

* Māori

* Price: $650.00 (Invoice to be sent in June)

* Delivery: August (For Language Weeks starting in September)

Set A Language Week Special (families of 10)

$780.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • You will only receive 6 cultures from this set upon payment. Shipping is not included in this special price.

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