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Products for many stories:

-Tulevai and the sea

-The Shark and the turtle

-The Shark and the octopus

-Taema and Talifaiga

-Mouse and the Octopus

-Sina and the eel.


PACKAGE TASI includes:


1 x 75mm Male

1 x 75mm Female

1 x 65mm Sina (f)

1 x 65mm Taema (f)

1 x 65mm Talifaiga (f)

1 x 65mm Tulevai (m)

1 x 75mm Tulevai’s Mother (f)


1 x Turtle (CollectA Loggerhead Turtle)

1 x Shark (Schleich Great White Shark)

1 x Eel (Safari Ltd Moray Eel)

1 x Octopus (CollectA Octopus)

1 x Papo House Mouse (Papo)


1 x 37cm Large outrigger


Shipping Option for this sale only is OPTION B)

Polynesian Myths & Legends PACKAGE TASI (OPTION B)

GST Included
  • Sina and the Eel

    The Turtle and the Shark

    Taema and Talifaiga

    Tulevai and the Sea

    The Shark and the Octopus

    The Mouse and the Octopus

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