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Polynesian Village A includes:

1 x Fale Tele (Large)

1 x Fale O'o (Medium)

50 Village doll package which is 5 families of 10*

2 x 28cm Polynesian outriggers with 8 x 42 mm aiga each.

2 x BOMA fence sets.

(One set is approx. L110cm x H12cm).


* When choosing the colour of you village dolls, you must select one to five colours.

Eg 20 lite blue

20 yellow

10 lite green or

You can choose all one colour.


Fale Tele

320mm high by 330mm wide 500mm long by.

This Fale Tele is used for village meetings, chiefs meetings which include welcoming visitors and guests, birthdays and funerals…


Fale O’o

330mm high by 200mm wide by 300mm long.

This fale is used for sleeping, eating and normal household routines.

2 x 28cm outriggers with 8 x 42mm aiga each.

2 x BOMA CollectA fence sets.

One set is approx. L110cm x H12cm

Shipping Option is Option H

Mega Polynesian Village

$1,740.00 Regular Price
$1,670.00Sale Price
GST Included
Village Colour
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