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Mega Maori Village includes:

1 x Wharenui (large)

1 x Whare (medium)

1 x Pataka (medium )

1 x Waharoa

2 x 28cm waka with 8x 42mm whānau each.

2 x BOMA fence sets (one set is approx. L110cm x H12cm).

50 village which is basically 5 Māori families of 10.


You will also receive either:

- 3 x 28cm waka (no whānau) or

- 2 x 37cm waka (no whānau).

Please note you will be able to use whānau from you village of 50 in the waka you get.

Mega Māori Village (free waka) until 01/11/23

GST Included
Cloak colour
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