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Legends Maori Village includes:

1 x Marae (large)

1 x Whare (medium)

1 x Pataka (medium )

1 x Waharoa

Māori Myths and Legends PACKAGE TAHI.

2 x BOMA fence sets (one set is approx. L110cm x H12cm).

50 village which is basically 5 families of 10.


You can choose 50 of one colour scheme or 5 colour schemes of 10 in a family.

Contact us first if you want different colours for families eg 10 Blue, 10 Green, 30 Red.


Products for the stories:

-Te Ika A Maui

-Kupe and the Wheke and

-Tinirau and Tutunui.


PACKAGE TAHI includes:

1 x 75mm Maori Man Tinirau

1 x 75mm Maori Man Kae

1 x 75mm Maori Wife

1 x 32mm Maori baby boy

7 x 65mm Maori woman (waka)

7 x 65mm Maori men (waka)

2 x 37cm Large Waka

1 x 65mm Maui

1 x 75mm Maui's Mother Taranga

1 x 75mm Kupe

1 x 75mm Kupe's wife Kuramārotini

1 x Whale Tutunui (CollectA Blue Whale)

1 x Stingray (Safari Ltd Cownose Ray - extra large)

1 x Octopus (CollectA Octopus)



The shipping option ONLY for this Package is: Option J

Legends Māori Village

GST Included
Cloak colour
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