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Māori myths & legends $100 off

We only have 10 Māori myths and legends package tahi at $600.00. Usually $700.00 but we have on sale for $600.00 only.

The main myths and legends are:

Te ika a Maui (Sting ray)

Tinirau and Tutunui and (Large Whale)

Kupe and the Wheke (Octopus).

This package comes with 2 large 37cm waka and all the sea animals in brackets.

From here you are also able to use these resources for other stories and make many memorable moments for tamariki.

Use the resources to have tamariki show how they know the myths and legends, take photos for storyboards, stop motion videos, make card profiles able each character....

This sale will only last until the end of June 2023.

Ia Manuia.

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